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Pre Tryout Clinics *these are not mandatory to try out but are very beneficial and give an idea of what we do!

  • Sat March 12th from 2-4:30pm at FRHS Gym (focus on Gameday/Sidelines/Spiriting w/Seniors)

  • Sat March 26th from 2-4:30pm at FRHS Gym (focus on Pom w/Coach Tessa)

  • Sat April 2nd from 2-4:30pm at FRHS Gym (focus on Hip Hop w/Coach Sidney)

Parent Meeting &Tryouts

  • Mon 11th: Pre-Tryout Parent/Athlete Meeting, NOW 7:30-8:30pm at FRHS

  • Tues 12th, Wed 13th, Thur 14th: tryout clinics, 4:15-6:15pm at FRHS Gym

  • Fri 15th: actual tryout at FRHS, 4:30-8pm (or when done)

  • Sat 16th: parent and dance team meeting at FRHS, 9am-12pm

Please reach out to coaches with any questions you have leading up to tryouts!

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1. Click this link to fill out the registration form from Poudre School District:

  • Click on High School Sports > click on Register for Fossil Ridge High School Athletics

  • There is a $175 district athletic fee to participate in athletics - this if 100% refundable if you don't make the team. You can pay this via SchoolPay or with a check.

2. Orange Card

  • You will need to bring in a copy of a physician signed Sports Physical Release Form (from your pediatrician/family doc).

  • Once you have registered online and paid the fee on SchoolPay, bring a copy of that payment and your physical form to the athletic office (see Carrie Hintzman) to receive your participation card (orange card). You will give the orange card to your coach on the first day of try-outs. You CANNOT tryout without the orange card - no exceptions. Please email if you have questions.

  • When you come to the athletic office you will be asked to sign up on ArbiterAthlete before receiving your participation card.

3. Fill out this registration form for the Dance Team: htts://


-Wear any comfortable, fitted, athletic clothing for the clinics on Tue, Wed and Thur.

-Bring tennis shoes AND jazz shoes or turners.

-Bring a water bottle and a snack to eat while you are waiting, if needed. We could be there til 8pm.

-Hair needs to be secured out of your face for all clinics and tryouts.

-You should be "gameday ready" - meaning your hair and make up is done nicely, similar to stage make up.

-Please wear all black for the tryout. Black spandex or leggings and a black shirt or tank top. NO BRA TOPS - your midrifts must be covered please. Shoes can be any color - don't have to be black.

-Please bring $10 cash for the tryout fee. This pays for our judges time and dinner - thank you!

REQUIRED SKILLS FOR OUR TEAMS: We anticipate tryouts to be very competitive this year, so the list of technique and skills is imparative! Please email if you have questions on specific skills, or send us videos and we can help prior to tryouts!

Required Skills for SIDELINE TEAM

*Dancer must demonstrate solid completion of the following:

Pom & Jazz:

Double Pirouette

Double Coupe Turn

Strong Arm Motions (Pom)

Kicks (Both sides, above 90 degrees)

*Dancer needs to be able to demonstrate that they have a solid understanding and base of the following technique/tricks:

Pom & Jazz:


Toe Touch



Turning Disc

Right & Left Leaps

Right, Left & Center Splits

Leg Hold (either side)

*Coaches have no expectations of hip-hop technique, just know the terminology and what each trick is:



Kip Up


Required Skills for COMPETITION TEAM

Pom & Jazz:

Triple Pirouette

4 tours, double out (minimum)

Double Coupe Turn

Toe Touch


Turning C-Jump


Turning Disc

Right & Left Leap

Kicks (Both sides, above 90 degrees)

Right, Left & Center Splits

Leg Hold (either side, at least 4 counts)





Strong hip-hop motions


Pom & Jazz:

Extra Tour Combinations

Tour Variations (changing spots, floats, etc)

Quad or Quint Pirouettes

Leg Hold Turn (either side)

Double Toe Touch

Aerial (either side)

Center Leap



Stall Variations

Back Handspring

Headspring Variations

Extra Hip-Hop tricks

Front Walkover or Handspring

Front/Back Walkover