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FRDT Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your practice schedule like during the school year?

**This is not set, as there are changes that need to be made to accommodate all athletics at Fossil.  There will be a meeting soon with head coaches and the Athletic Director so please know these times are not definite!  

What is your practice schedule like during the summer?

What is camp?  Is it mandatory?

How long is the dance season?

What sporting events do you perform at and what does that include?  

What is the cost of being on the dance team?

What is the difference between Competition Team and Sideline/Gameday Team?

Do dancers letter?

How many dancers will you take on the competition team?  On the sideline team?

What skills do I need to make the competition team?  The sideline team?  

I have prior commitments through June, will that affect me making the team? 

Can I still take studio classes and be on the dance team?

Can I still compete with my studio and be on the dance team?  

FRDT Year at a Glance


after tryouts, we hold optional technique practices and team bonding opportunities. We will try to have a parent meeting and team/family bonding dinner.  The old team from the current school year (minus the seniors) participates in PCA (People's Choice Awards) - our final assembly for the year.  


summer practices begin, we start fundraising and team bonding. We push to learn HH tricks, pom technique, all sideline material. We typically do camp this month but it’s looking like it might get pushed to July.


we will have a 2 week summer break over the 4th of July. We will learn competition choreo this month.  


mandatory practices start, photo shoot, back to school activities, carwash fundraiser, final prep for Football gamedays.


football, volleyball, homecoming, kids clinic fundraiser,

2 comp Saturdays - dates TBD.


football/ volleyball, heavy comp prep w/Saturdays - dates and times TBD.


our comp season starts with League and Regionals.  If we are solid, we won’t have comp practice over Thanksgiving break.


State Spirit Dec 8-9th is our main priority.  We take a break afterwards but will have a couple bball performances to do.  The Sideline Team will be working on halftimes for games while Comp Team is focusing on State.  


we come back from Christmas getting ready for bball halftimes and another kids clinic.  We also have final prep time for National’s in Orlando. 


Nationals in Orlando for Comp Team.  We plan to compete Hip Hop and a secondary routine again. We get a long break to recover

after Natty’s but may still have some bball halftimes. 


mostly a break with some possible events and clinics to keep the girls dancing.  


The team finishes a couple school commitments: 8th Grade Visit days is one where we perform at an assembly.  Tryouts start in mid April again.  We will have clinic prior but the dates are TBD.